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Is there someone in your life who:

  • Constantly judges you.
  • Hurts you indirectly without you being able to pin point exactly how he or she does it.
  • You feel you cannot live without yet you feel you cannot live with either.
  • Even though they are hurtful to you, they seem popular with other people.
  • They pick on you specifically and hurt you in ways where others cannot see their hurtful actions.
  • Others compliment them and respect them to the point where you are doubting your own judgment and thinking it might be your fault.
  • Make you feel you are too sensitive and should “take” their behavior without being too sensitive.
  • Someone who tries to show you how bad others are so you stay around him or her and isolate yourself from others.
  • Someone who tries to show you how weak you are and how strong they are and that they are perfect.
  • They indirectly show you how you cannot measure up to them.
  • You can never win an argument with them.

You are not alone. Around 5% of world population fall into a personality type that behaves like that.

Learn how to:

  1. Identify and manage Cunning Deceitful manipulators in your life. 
  2. Undo the hurt caused by previous encounters. 
  3. Build your resilience against this type of behavior. 
  4. Learn proven tips and techniques to keep you safe and healthy.

All You Need To Know To Keep Your Mental  Sanity & Healthy Outlook..

Ammar W. Mango

I am a business consultant and coach. However, I have had my share of CDMs since I was a child. I had relative CDMs, coworker CDMs, friend CDMs. But at some part of my life, I had to deal with one of the most cunning people I have ever met.I learned to try to stay away from these people as much as I can. However, I know that some of them I have to deal with because of other commitments and obligations that put me on their path frequently. I had to find techniques to protect me from their wrath. Some were successful and others were not, but I learned tremendously from their encounters and I would like to share what I learned with those of you struggling with CMDs in their lives.

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