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  • Management Made Easy, E-Book

    Ammar Mango

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Management Made Easy, E-Book

Taught by 25+ Years Experienced Ammar Mango

  • Ammar Mango - 25+ Years of Experience

    Learn from International Organizational Consultant and Coach Ammar Mango. Experienced in coaching and consulting for several Fortune 100 companies and thousands of individuals worldwide

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Management Made Easy, E-Book

Learning Project Management from a Project Management book is like learning cooking by reading about plants. Project Management, just like cooking, is about celebrating people, environment, organization, leadership, innovation, and the human experience.

Every cook brings his story to life in his cooking and shares it with his audience. Same with the Project Manager, everything in his Project Management Style is a story to be told and a lesson to be learned. Without this practical realistic look at Project Management, it becomes dull, bland, and too theoretical. This is why I always focused on the personal, human aspect of Project Management in my practice in the domain and working with my clients. 

It has been a great success for me and I wanted to share what I have tried and worked with my colleagues. I started sharing this experience in my training courses for thousands of attendees spanning four continents. I have also done the same for organizations for whom I have consulted. Throughout my career I also shared these experiences in hundreds of articles that I have written over the years.

At this stage, I felt it is time to put a selected group of my articles in a book that focuses on the human aspect of Project Management.

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Ammar Mango


A pioneer in the domain of Project Management, who enjoys more than twenty-five years of experience in Consulting, Training, Building and Developing Organizations’ Project Management Offices (PMOs) on the subject of Project Management. 

  • Consultant of Fortune 100 Companies.
  • Has trained 5000+ professionals in over four continents.
  • Listed draft reviewer of the PMBOK and PgMBOK.
  • 733rd PMP worldwide.
  • Speaker and panel leader at several PMI global conferences and seminars.

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